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Are you an International Animation Producer looking to create the story of your dreams? Or an Advertising Honcho wanting a smart studio to turn around an idea in record time? May be a Mature artist looking to meet your soul-mate studio? Or a Young Animator looking to break-through the world of International Animation?

Whatever your calling be, let's talk over a coffee!


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Where Art revels in Technology.

Studio56 Animation is an award-winning creative production company that specializes in the development and production of children’s animated content for international television & theatrical broadcast.

Studio56 Animation was founded in 2011 by Indian Entrepreneur Sriram Chandrasekaran and a team of reputed Animation Artists with long experience in developing international kids content.

Studio56 produced animated series and feature films have been aired on world renowned children’s networks including: ABC, BBC, Canal+, Cartoon Network, Channel 9 Australia, Disney XD, France Televisions, Hulu, Netflix, Teletoon and ZDF.

Studio56 brings "Script to Screen" capability - the ability to do everything from Designs to Models to Animation to final composition under one roof - to the most demanding standards of the world's foremost Animation Directors.

Reputed for a unique culture that features a "work must feel like holiday" ethic and a "green animation" philosophy that is low on carbon footprint, Studio56 has grown rapidly to be among the World's most successful Animation Studios. Worldwide operations include a 150-seater global development centre based in Bangalore (India), Animation Design & Development Studio based in the Black Forest (Germany); Investment Fund based in Hong Kong and Sales Offices based in Malaysia, Singapore & Sao Paolo (Brazil) serving global clients based in United States, Europe, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Studio56's team has over 1000 man-years of experience in global delivery of International Animation, and  participates routinely in all key animation markets such as MIPCOM, Kidscreen, Cartoon Forum, MIPTV, American Film Market, FilmArt and ATF each year.


At Studio56 we take the heart seriously. We do all it takes to keep our hearts and minds open to innovate. All our team members take the 'The Art of Living' Breathing & Meditation program upon joining. Our team sits down to meditate together for 15 minutes daily. And once a week, we practice the Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique for 1 hour together. Because a calm, collected mind is the source of creativity.

Secure, Powerful Infrastructure.

Secure offices and systems. State-of-the-art Networks. Scalable, powerful render farms. Everything in house. Our Global Delivery Centre in Bangalore is supported by our Development Studio located in the Black Forest, Germany and satellite offices in Paris, Sao Paolo, Singapore & Hong Kong. Working with a robust, secure network & infrastructure you can depend on!

Global Delivery Experience.

Talent and technology need Experience. Not just from one project. World-wide experience. Studio56 brings you the prior experience of delivering on projects across a range of styles and cultures - Hollywood, American, Italian, British, German, French, Australian, Brazilian - you name it. We have worked on it. With the world's most demanding Animation Directors. We bring that collective experience to your project.

Script to Screen Capability.

Modern CG Animation is an orchestra of over 15 departments, ALL of which have to be right to produce a symphony. Studio56 has painstakingly, and without regard to financial limits, built that capability! With us, you can plug in the script and get an episode out, while approving every step of the way from wherever you are. It's as simple as that.

Robust Creative Processes.

It's easy to create a masterpiece once. But to make every frame your best, every frame a masterpiece, you need something more than just great art. Studio56's mature, robust processes bring the consistency and class in the art.

Bleeding Edge Technology

Great talent comes alive with bleeding edge technology. We play with technology and push the limits to achieve creative results. We love to experiment with the latest and the greatest of technologies, work closely with software & hardware greats, and even help them innovate! 

When Art rises in love with Technology...

We go extraordinary lengths to hire our people - we meet a 1000 before we offer one. Because extraordinary talent is not easy to come by. People who live the art are few and far between. And they invariably find their home in Studio56.


What happens when you bring together the finest in global animation talent, sophisticated technology, robust creative processes, and a culture to die for?

Studio56 happens!

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